As a Conscious Entrepreneur, What Do You Really Want From Your Business?

As a Conscious Entrepreneur, What Do You Really Want From Your Business?

If you are a conscious entrepreneur, you’re likely to want to express yourself, make a difference in some way, and conduct business in a way that’s consistent with your values. And, of course you want it to make money. Let’s drill down a bit on that: how much?

Actually scratch that question because anyone interested in business and personal growth has been to a seminar or read books that say that you should feel worthy, aim high, feel everything is possible, and quote a big number.

So let me re-phrase the question: Would you be happier if:

o you earned a lot of money and put a lot of energy in your business, or

o you earned just enough to give you security and a bit of freedom, and had a lot more free time.

Yes, this is the old “work hard” paradigm which isn’t necessarily true. You could work like the devil and still go bankrupt, or do really well on a surprisingly few hours of work a week. And I haven’t even addressed the Law of Attraction and Science of Getting Rich concepts.

I just thought it would be a useful starting point to uncover your current true feelings instead of the belief you know you “should” have if you’re an evolved person.

So, if you were condemned to live in a magic kingdom where the old work-hard paradigm could not be broken, what kind of life would you want? Some people love what they do so much that it’s no sacrifice to put in tons of hours and energy into their work. Others backed into entrepreneurship because they felt unemployable or couldn’t find a work environment that suited them so they decided to create their own. What’s your truth?

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Make sure you let your real answer bubble up. After all, no one will hear it, and how can you start making decisions about your business if you don’t start from your deepest truth?