Attracting Money Starts With You

Attracting Money Starts With You

One of the main topics that attract people to the law of attraction is the concept of attracting money. Many people hear it and think that this means that you don’t have to do any additional work to receive a bump in their disposable income. This unfortunately is not necessarily true. While you don’t have to actively seek money or ventures that produce money, you still have to work in order to attract what you want out of life. You have to actively attract what you want and make sure you’re attracting it by clearing away any mental blocks or limiting beliefs that might be hindering your ability to attract your dreams.

The fundamental principle of the law of attraction is like attracts like. Meaning if you’re negative you will attract more negativity, and if you’re positive you will attract more positivity. When applied to the idea of attracting money, if you think you think you don’t have enough money, you will attract not having enough money. While if you think I have an abundance of money, you will attract an abundance of money. This idea might be simple, but for many it is profoundly difficult to apply.

The best way to maintain a positive outlook is to create a more positive environment. To different people this means different things. It can mean interacting with the negative individuals in your life less, or it can mean not watching the popular news channels that seem to enjoy broadcasting news stories about death and mayhem around the world. When we associate with negativity we let it enter our lives, even when we actively maintain positivity in our lives.

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Changing the way we view and speak can also have a profound effect on the positivity in your life. Try looking at the world from the view that you can achieve anything, which you can. You are the creator of your life, everything around you is a manifestation of what you want and have attracted into your life. So if you don’t like your life you need to focus on yourself and what you need to change about you that will change the life you have. Changing the words you use to more positive words will also increase the positivity in your life, because as I said before negative associations bring negativity into your life. Therefore, even if you use words with negative associations you are allowing negativity into your life.

As I said before if you attracting what you want requires action. For instance, what is preventing you from attracting money in your current situation? You are in complete control over your life so you cannot blame anyone other than yourself, so what is inhibiting you from living the life of your dreams? Is it your education? Is it your connections? What can you do in order to fix your current situation so you can start attracting what you want? Once you figure out what is inhibiting you, you can then take the necessary action towards fixing it and take the next towards achieving your goals and dreams.