Building Your Energy to Attract Money

Building Your Energy to Attract Money

One good way to begin attracting more money into your life is to focus consistently on building up your own energy, intention and belief so that they magnetically draw more money into your life. This is easier than you might think; it just requires consistent effort.

There are three parts of the process:

1) Intent

First and foremost, intending to receive more money is a powerful thing to do. Most people don’t realize they can do this and instead take what they think they can get – then feel frustrated when more money doesn’t come to them. But setting a firm intention to receive more money immediately activates universal forces to work on your behalf. You may not notice anything right away, but if you pay close attention you can usually feel a shift starting to happen.

How do you “intend” to receive more money? Simply state it out loud, with conviction and determination in your voice. A simple statement like this works well: “Money is coming to me now.”

2) Repetition

Once you have decided on the statement for your intention, you will want to repeat it several times. How many times will depend on how much energy you want to build. If you need money badly you could set aside 10 minutes to repeat the statement as many times as you can. Or you may want to say it once every hour throughout the day. There are no right or wrong ways to do it; but the more you focus on your intention, the more energy you will build behind it.

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3) Belief

Finally, you must BELIEVE that the statement is true. “Money is coming to me now” – how does that statement feel to you? Do you feel doubtful? Scared? Uncertain? Even if you don’t believe that such a thing is true; even if you have no idea HOW money can come to you at this moment, put your full faith and power into believing that it’s true. If it helps, call up a mental image of a great stream of money flowing through the universe, heading straight for you. Imagine that you can feel it getting ready to pour into your life – even if you don’t yet know how.

The more energy you can devote to this process, the quicker and more powerfully it will work for you. However, still give it some time, especially if you have been focusing on lack and scarcity for some time before trying this. Give the energy time to build. Just keep working on it daily and before long you should start to see some progress, which will get more noticeable as your confidence and belief grow too.