Give Your Clients What They Want With A Variety Of Billing Options

Law office billing software eases the process of tracking and documenting all the expenses associated with a case. However it doesn’t do any good to monitor expenses unless you get paid and that means you need generate itemized invoices for your clients. Not only can that be done at the click of a button but you have a number of options when it comes to the type of invoice.

All law office billing software packages generate traditional paper invoices. These itemized statements list all expenses associated with a case including every minute of each attorney’s time, court costs, administrative expenses and fees for consulting other professionals. Printed invoices are produced in a matter of seconds without the extensive labor that used to be necessary before the advent of law practice management software .

However paper invoices are rapidly falling out of style. The costs of paper, ink and postage may not seem like much but they add up over the course of a year. Mailed invoices take time to reach a client and that adds to the collection time, not to mention opens up the “The bill never arrived” excuse. Finally there is a growing desire in our society to run greener businesses and not generate paper if we don’t have to. Luckily law office billing software gives other invoice options.

Law office billing software can save invoices as PDF or RTF files to be emailed to the client. PDF is a standard document format that can be read with Adobe Acrobat or other free PDF readers. RTF is a generic word processing document format appropriate for Microsoft Word or any other word processor software. These electronic documents can be generated even more quickly than paper invoices. Once they are emailed they arrive within minutes.

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Many organizations are turning to electronic billing and law office billing software has not been left behind on this trend. The difference between true electronic billing and digital documents such as PDF files is standardized formatting. Most electronic bills today use the standard LEDES 1998B format, also known as LEDS98B. Law office billing software is designed to automatically create e-bills in this format without the user having to worry about it. This standardization is often required by clients because it simplifies their audit controls.

Unfortunately billing doesn’t always end with the initial invoice. Some clients are unable or unwilling to pay their accounts immediately so law office billing software should also have the capability to print automatic reminder notices.

Easy Soft law office billing software supports all of these billing formats . You have a variety of options to deliver invoices to clients in the format they prefer whether it be LEDS 1998B formatted e-bills, emailed digital documents, or good-old reliable paper invoices.

Contact Easy Soft to find out more about how our law practice management software can help modern attorneys focus on legal matters rather than on administrative trivia.