How to Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction

How to Manifest Money Using the Law of Attraction

One of the most common reasons for learning the law of attraction is to understand how to manifest more money using this universal law. Here’s a brief understanding of how to make the law of attraction work for you when manifesting money.

The law of attraction says, like attracts like. It’s learning to understand how things come to us. We attract things or bring them about in our awareness or life through our focus.

Perhaps one way of learning how to use the law of attraction to manifest money is looking at how you don’t manifest money when working with this universal law. For example, you cannot use the law of attraction in this way to manifest anything, money included. You cannot say, ‘I want more money because I’m poor, I’m lacking in money and that is what I want to come my way.’

This is using the law of attraction to manifest more of what you are feeling, the vibe you’re really sending out, one of lack and poverty. So that is what you’ll get, more bills you cannot pay, more financial worries and problems but no money.

What you need to understand with the law of attraction is that you’ve got to get the feeling of what you are intending to manifest and get that feeling like you’ve already got it before you can manifest the desire intended. Why is that? Because each time you evoke a subject, it’s got two sides of it. This is no different for the subject of money. When you want it the most is when you don’t have it. So you have the one side of the money subject, the abundance of it, and you have the other side of money which is the lack or poverty side of it.

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So how do you get to feeling like money when you don’t have it? It sounds like an impossible task but it’s not that difficult. One of the best techniques is learning to detach from the subject. If money isn’t important to you then you’ll easily attract it to you because you won’t be thinking of the lack side of the subject when evoked in thought or conversation.

Remind yourself that money is really a form of abundance. And abundance can come in all shapes and sizes: enough love, enough friends, enough food, enough water. Take your mind off the lack in your life and start counting all the parts of your life that are working, that are abundant or that flow with ease. Just because you can’t pay a certain bill doesn’t mean that your relationships aren’t working. List the things you do like in your life: your house, your car, your kids, your friends, your Friday night beer after work…. anything that gives you a feeling of ease is worth putting on your list.

Add things like, the nice sunny day, the light traffic while traveling to work, the fact you got no parking tickets today. Just find anything and everything you can to feel good and focus on the little tiny things that are working in your life. Once you see your life in a little more positive aspect, you can begin to look for the little, tiny things that are demonstrating to your that you are indeed manifesting more money into your life. Little by little, those synchronicities will become bigger and bigger ones. That’s when you see the really big stuff, the real sums of money manifest into your life.

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