Law of Attraction: Applying It to Investing

Law of Attraction: Applying It to Investing

The law of attraction is simple to understand: like will attract like. If you believe in that, you can take just about any thought and want you have and make it a reality. For investors, making a lot of money is probably at the top of your list of things to do. You can also attract tips for finding the investments that are going to be more profitable than others as well as ones that are consistent.

1. Change Your Feelings – Always keep in mind that your feelings are what you are going to attract. Try to change how you feel about investing. Feel that there is more money to be made, and you can profit handsomely as well.

A good example of this law at work is entrepreneur Jeff Harris. Twenty years ago, he was a university dropout struggling to support a wife and three children. He clerked for a grocery store and a junkyard, where he worked alongside convicts melting scrap metal. But even in those difficult times, the multimillionaire already knew he’d end up rich even though they were sometimes so broke they did their laundry in the bathtub because they could not pay for the Laundromat. How did he go from rags to riches? He changed his feeling about investing. Even though he had very little cash to begin with, he put away $25 monthly in mutual funds. This started his meteoric rise to success.

2. Exaggerate Results – As an investor, another great way to apply the law to your success is to exaggerate on your results a little bit. For example, rather than not getting excited over a rise in a stock price of a mere $0.50, perhaps see it as a raise in $20. This means that you are going to begin to see these large raises and your success is going to improve over time. The law of attraction is going to help you reach these exaggerated results soon enough.

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Jeff Harris knew the power of exaggeration. Even though he made only a little profit on his initial investment in the beginning, he played up these successes in his mind. These motivated him to profit even more.

3. Search for the Profiting Feeling – If you are always on the hunt for the feeling of profiting at all times, you eventually are going to be there. For example, begin thinking about selling a position for a substantial profit. This is going to have you feeling in harmony with your investing. You are going to attract certain experiences to your life that will have you doing well off and profiting in no time. Think about soon being on that secluded beach or on that luxurious family vacation.

The law of attraction works all the time. If you focus on giving all of your attention to positive actions and feeling, in return, these things are going to become attracted to you and you will start living a better lie and be able to become a successful investor.