Planning Consultant The Solution For All Your Legal Matters

Property development undoubtedly mints a lot of money, but there are certain hardships attached to it. The legalities provided by the local authorities can be difficult to understand for a layman who often fails to unveil the hidden catches involved in the agreements. That is when the requirement of a Planning consultant comes in. Their work is not only restricted to providing guidance regarding the property development project, but they also make you understand the policies, laws and tedious legal processes behind the development projects. They also aim at gaining a planning permission regarding any alterations made in the property. This has to get approved by the respective authorities concerned. The planning commission which is involved in this whole process is usually not the government, but the local authority which forms a team who deals with the whole process. However the local authorities does not hold whole of the authority and the other members which get involved are Highway Authorities, Environmental Agency and a couple of local bodies like Parish Councils. So with the consent of all of the above mentioned bodies, you would get your planning application signed and would get the work done. A planning application is not always a requirement, but there are certain cases, where it is must and some of those important cases are discussed below:

– As mentioned above, any external alterations in the property which is already there, for example, some extension in the flat.

– In case you want to divide a part of your home to make two separate homes or you want to keep one part for the business purposes.

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– If the work done by you needs to involve a trunk road.

– If by anyways, it is coming as an obstruction of any view for the rest of the people residing in the community.

So there are some conditions where you have to file an application to seek permission from the governing authorities. For minor renovations like building an extra wall or for internal alterations there is no need to seek any kind of permission.

Now to get the permission for all the required construction, you can’t just go to the committee and ask for it. It requires a formal planning application which is to be put forward and afterwards the authorities look into it and decide weather the permission should be granted or not. There are certain points which should be highlighted in the application as they become the strong reasons why the authorities should sign the application. Some of the noteworthy points being:

– Basic layout of the appearance including the size and number of the buildings to be constructed.

– What would be the use of the construction.

– Availability of the required infrastructure and how would it affect the vicinity.

Writing such an application by you can be a tough task besides many people are not aware of the points which should be included in the application. So it is always advisable to appoint a solicitor as a planning consultant who would closely look into the matter and get the required work done in a hassle free manner.