Simplest Ways to Attract Money

Simplest Ways to Attract Money

In this article, I am going to tell you about some very simple ways of attracting money into our life copiously. These are the ways that I personally follow and I have seen excellent results.

MONEY- man, do we all need it always? Also, aren’t we thinking about it always?

Ah, this is where the problem lies-on our thinking constantly about money. Let me explain.

While we think about money, do we always think on what we have in our wallet and bank? 


We always think on how much money we are lacking-right? As per the basic law of universe, our attention on any thing expands. Don’t look for scientific proof. Science and logic can’t prove everything.

Ok, what else do to? Do we have to work more to earn more?

Again NO! It is our belief that we have to work for money is our weakness. There are ways to simply attract money into our life.

Here are some:* Attention

Think about it for a minute. Don’t we respond instantly when someone is paying his attention on us fully? Similarly, money too will respond to us when we give our attention to it in a positive way.

Probably you are wondering about what are positive ways. Here is a simple way that may not seem to be positive to you but it is, actually. Keep writing accounts of your income and expenditure on a daily basis.

Mind you, it is a powerful way to attract money. Try it just for a week and see the difference.

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* Free flow

Don’t try to hoard the money believing that the more you hold, the more financial security you feel. It works the opposite. You may even end up feeling constantly threatened over the security of the money you hold.

Money needs to flow around. When it is freely circulated, you are creating space for money to come in.

Money spent means more will flow in to spend more. This is another basic law of universe. Isn’t this a positive thinking?

Remove Clutter:

If you happen to look for a particular paper, a gem clip or a glue stick in your desk drawer, do you remember to spend frustrating minutes in locating them? On the other hand, had you kept your desk drawer clutter free, you would not have to curse yourself while trying to retrieve something.

Believe me, it is another way of attracting money. A clutter free and clean surrounding WILL ATTRACT MONEY!

Spend Wisely:

Consider money with a soul. It hates being handed over in exchange of worthless or unduly costly materials. Just because you have ample funds, you should not squander.

Do a little bit of comparison shopping even when you can afford to pay more than necessary.

Don’t take credit:Whatever you do, don’t take credit for it. Remember you as a tool that the spiritual energy uses to accomplish certain things as per the universal agenda.

Just before you start the day, offer a silent prayer to God:

“Whatever I do today is being done by you for the benefit of others.”

You will see fantastic results.

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Our thoughts and actions should conform to the highest in us. Neglecting our inner voice and think or do something the opposite, will repel money and love.