Summoning Money-Making From Within

Summoning Money-Making From Within

Summoning money-making from within is a well documented practice. Scan the shelves of any decent book shop and you will see a huge range of books promising to demonstrate how to use your mind, soul, spirit or whatever you want to call it to attract all the money you could ever want. So what is this all about and is there any evidence to support it?

Highly successful people such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been reported to have used such techniques to make fortunes. The basic principle is that reality without is created from reality within. In other words, what you think about the world and how you feel about the world will be reflected back to you from your immediate experiences.

Is this claim valid? Consider the effect of your mood on your day. If you are in a foul mood then everything you come across or have to deal with will be seen from a negative point of view. In this instance you will miss the opportunities that exist everywhere to use your surroundings to your benefit. On the flip side, a great mood will bring a positive slant on your surroundings. You will see beauty and opportunity all around you and this will lead to better outcomes.

So it is clear, then, from this example alone that the benefits of a sound inner state can be great. So what do these systems teach you? To be happy? In actual fact that is pretty much exactly what they teach you. If you can learn to control your thoughts you can learn to control your moods. As we’ve just seen, this can have a startling effect on what you gain from any situation. This guidance is usually coupled with visualisation and goal setting strategies. The purpose of these is to impress the subconscious mind with whatever the intended result actually is.

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So how would you go about summoning money-making from within? Learn to relax, to control your body and your mind. Feel positive and become more rooted in the moment. With practice this becomes easier and you will benefit from clearer thought and creativity. Visualise what you want to achieve. Try not to focus excessively on how you will reach your goals, rather see the result clearly in you mind. Write your goals down and return to them time and time again. It is in this way that you can attract money or whatever else it is you want in your life. Try it.