The Cost Of Conveyancing

The question you should really be asking here is in fact, what is the cost of not hiring a specialist conveyancing solicitor? And the answer is quite simply, the ultimate cost could be that your sale falls through and you lose the home of your dreams.

Obviously as it is with any procedure, sometimes things do not go perfectly to plan and do fall through. But by instructing a conveyancing solicitor you will significantly reduce, if not totally eliminate, the chance of errors being made during the conveyancing process. Conveyancing is a complicated procedure and a conveyancing solicitor will be able to negotiate this terrain with ease.

Conveyancing does not have to be expensive; there are many legal firms on the market all offering this service to their clients. You have a right to spend your time searching for a good deal with a solicitor you get along well with. It is up to you whether you want to go with a cheaper less known legal firm or a very high end firm with lots of good feedback and many good reviews. The best firms (for the most part) will be charging the most. But in fact, the prices shouldn’t differ too drastically from firm to firm as most firms now offer a ‘sliding scale’ type of assessment for conveyancing fees with them charging a fee which is calculated on a percentage of your home’s total cost.

Common alternative options for assessment of payment of conveyancing fees include fixed fee conveyancing and conveyancing services which you pay for by the hour. Fixed fee conveyancing can be a good option but do look into what is included in the fixed price carefully to ensure you do not get any nasty surprise add-ons further down the line. With hourly rates you must consider that conveyancing is subject to complications and that should there be time consuming complications, you may find the amount you pay goes significantly about the amount you initially budgeted for.

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Finally completely online conveyancing is your cheapest option for conveyancing, but only go with this option if you are okay with your solicitor being the unknown face in the deal. You will not meet with your solicitor at all the process will be very much pared back and impersonal, keeping it strictly business. This is intended to speed the process along as much as is possible. Most solicitors will generally use a mixture of online services and personal services to make sure there is a happy medium between the speed of communication and making sure they are accessible as your lawyer.