The Law of Attraction With Action!

The Law of Attraction With Action!

About few months ago, I met a young lady who was introduced to the movie “The Secrets,” which teaches about the Law of Attraction. The teaching were aligning with her belief; yet, as many, it was all this excitement yet her life was not changing.

At first, she was a little confuse because even thought she did what she learned, she was missing few ingredients; “Committing to Take Massive Action.” After few coaching session she was able to:

A� Brake through her Limiting Belief about Money, Self, Spirituality, and Love

A� She Committed to apply what she learned about her belief and habits on a consistent basis

A� She took Massive Action

The first thing she did, was to work on her belief system; by readjusting her though process which in return change the way she was feeling and how she was viewing life happenings. Then she committed to replacing her old limiting habits; which were debilitating her and not serving her at all. On a daily basis she took Massive Action and few weeks later she was experiencing great results.

You see, the universe likes speed, meaning once you in a quest you do not stop taking Action, which is the part that most people forget and then they wonder why life is not changing for them. Remember whatever age you are now is the amount of time you have being brain washed; which, has giving you the current results in your life. You must commit on taking massive action by acting on your new beliefs consistently. Sometimes it is helpful to have a support group like a mastermind groups, these people will support you and nudge you to achieve your dream. You may also hire a Transitional Coach who will not only support, provide you with useful resources at the same time will keep you accountable and encourage you to continue on your map out plan. Join a mastermind group, continue to read and learn about yourself as much as you can. I promise you this will bring the outcome of your heart’s desires.

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Know that regardless of all the studies, lectures, seminars, or degrees you have, if you do not take action you can meditate or pray to whomever you pray to, yet, once you commit to get off your way and establish a practice of Taking Action will be the beginning of an amazing lifestyle. Last but not least incorporating moments of complete silence (Meditation) as part of your daily routine; may help you reach out for the genius within you. This may cause you to change careers or probably start that business that you have always wanted. You will begin to appreciate sharing quality time with loves ones, eg; children, significant other and all the special people in your life. Remember the universe is at your command; you ask and it is giving to you, yet, you need to take Action. I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but if anyone ever say to you that you are about to make thousands of dollars and have an awesome wealthy lifestyle without taking any action Runnnnnnnnnnn.

For a guided plan of action to transform your lifestyle to one that is empowering and fulfilling submit your request for a Gratis (FREE) coaching session! You have nothing to lose and a lifetime to gain.