The Power of Intention Explained

The Power of Intention Explained

The mind is a powerful tool and there are few people who strive to harness it and make it work for them in real life. Fewer still are the people who realize that by altering their mindset they can actually make real concrete changes that are beneficial to them. These are the people who know that the power of intention can help them to live a more prosperous and abundant life. This is a technique that can be used by anyone to take control of their life and get much more from it.

The power of intention works by setting yourself goals and stating your intentions on how you will reach them. In order for this technique to work correctly a person must follow the four steps to setting an intention which will help them to reach their dreams. These four steps are as follows:

1. Be sure about what it is that you want to achieve and write this down somewhere. Try to be as clear as possible when you do this as this will eliminate anything that is not relevant to what you want to do.

2. As soon as you’ve completed stage one, tell someone about your intention. Try to tell someone who will be interested in what you are doing and who will challenge you yet be supportive during your journey.

3. Make sure that each day you do something that will clearly show your commitment to your intention. By doing this you will be reinforcing what you want and moving towards your end goal.

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4. Spend time at the end of each day acknowledging the steps you took that will bring you closer to your intention. Once you’ve done this you are then ready to move onto the next steps today after.

The power of intention works by you clearly defining you what you want, telling others about it and making a plan of how to get there. By taking small steps each day you will see that you are getting ever closer to your final goal and this will encourage you even further. Many people have found that using the power of intention can help them to achieve what they will stop was unachievable. So if you have something in your life that you would like to achieve set yourself an intention and you will get there.